Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies Conference – March 1994

In March 1994, ASR organised a National Multidisciplinary Women’s Studies Conference in Lahore. This Conference was extremely successful both thematically and in terms of the workshops, papers, issues and multidimensional activities and exhibitions. It was also very successful organisationally and this has given tremendous confidence to the ASR team and those involved in the Women’s Studies Centre in its ability to handle large-scale initiatives especially in connection with the Women’s Studies/Women in Development Training Centre.


“Process to Beijing and Beyond” National Conference / Assembly of Development Activists, Lahore, 21 – 23 April 1995

The National Conference / Assembly of Development Activists held in Lahore from 21st to 23rd April 1995, was organized by the ASR Resource Centre as part of the ASR’s programme, “Process to Beijing and Beyond”. The conference was essentially a coming together of development and women’s rights activists who had been involved in ASR’s year and a half national level programmatic activities and campaigns in connection with the forthcoming 4th UN World Conference on Women – Beijing 1995. ASR’s programme focused on involving sectors such as workers/trade unions, media, education and community based organisations which are normally left out of the development processes or activities in connection with international meetings.

“Rio to Beijing” ‘Take a Stand – Fight For Your Rights’ 2nd National Conference / Assembly of Development Activists; Al-Hamra Art Centre, The Mall Lahore; 13 – 14 November 1995

The ASR Resource Centre had organized a two day post-Beijing (4th UN World Conference on Women) National Conference in Lahore (13 – 14 November, 1995). ASR had been involved in a two year programmatic process in connection with the World Conference on women and had found tremendous response from people all over the country towards international conferences and agreements of which Pakistanis had been a part of over the past few years. ASR was particularly interested in sharing the significance, debates, positive and detrimental aspects of international action plans and agreements. 

‘A Making of Meaning’ 2nd Transdisciplinary Women Studies Conference, 24 – 28 March 2001

Peace Conference at Ambassador Hotel Lahore, 29 – 30 June, 2002

Peace Conference at Ambassador Hotel Lahore, 11 – 12 December, 2002

ASR Conference ‘Strength in Voices’ 22 – 23 March, 2005